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Windows 7 RTM first impressions

Posted by: | August 7, 2009 | No Comment |

The machine is rebuilt and all applications re-installed.  I said after installing the RC as an upgrade that I felt some of the Vista feel had come across.  This install feels much better – like the beta that impressed me so much at the beginning of the year. 

I recommend a clean install for Windows 7 if at all possible.

I’ll have to try re-installing Win 7 on that old laptop and see how it does.  In theory it should run better than the beta.

First impressions – very impressed.  I like this.  Previous Windows clients have left me feeling so-so. They worked and did what I want but this feels right. The whole thing has a polish and well thought out togetherness that I don’t think has been there in the last few client OSs.

This is a winner.

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