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SQL Server books

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A couple of SQL Server books that I would recommend having been involved with both of them.

First up is SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action by Rod College (Manning – http://www.manning.com/colledge/) which I reviewed several times before publication. It covers SQL Server from sizing and installation, through configuration and day-to-day administration.  Lots of good best practice information written in a easy to read style.

The second is SQL Server MVP Deep Dives (Manning – http://www.manning.com/nielsen/) to which I contributed a chapter on PowerShell and SQL Server. This book has contributions from 53 MVPs (mainly SQL Server) and is edited by Paul Nielsen, Kalen Delaney, Greg Low, Adam Machanic, Paul S. Randal, and Kimberly L. Tripp.  The royalties from the book go to War Child International – (www.warchild.org)

Two good books to add to your SQL Server library

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