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Module Help Files

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The use of modules to supply PowerShell based functionality in Windows 7\Windows 2008 R2 makes accessing the help files a little bit problematic. We have to have the module loaded to access the file.  Sometimes I want to think through what I’m doing and research the help files before I dive into coding.  To make that easier I decide to dump the help files for the modules I an interested in.  For example I have been experimenting with the Group Policy cmdlets in Windows 2008 R2 and wanted the help files accessible.

Get-Command -Module GroupPolicy | foreach {
    Get-Help $_.Name -Full | Out-File -FilePath "D:\Scripts\AD\GPOHelp\$_.txt" -Width 1000


This just goes through the module and creates a text file for each individual help file.

Not something you necessarily need to do but useful if you don’t want to fire up a machine specifically to access the help files

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