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PowerGUI 2.0

While we are on the subject of new releases PowerGUI 2.0 recently became available. An excellent tools with a very good PowerShell editor – it should be part of everyone’s PowerShell toolbox

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PSCX 2.0

I have mentioned  PowerShell Community Extensions many times over the last few years. I have found them a very useful set of utilities to extend the basic PowerShell install. With PowerShell v2 there was an irritation that a few of the cmdlets


overrode the PowerShell v2 cmdlets of the same name.

That has been fixed with the PSCX v2 beta that is available from It is module based so use it on PowerShell 2. It is a simple zip file, so download it, unblock it and unzip it to your module path.

It loads using import-module and looks to be full of goodies.  The PSCX guys have done a good job with this. Time to give it a whirl and see how it works.

Date reminders: PowerShell User Group

Quick reminders of upcoming dates for Live Meeting (virtual) sessions:

Tuesday 9 February – PowerShell, WMI and WQL

Tuesday 2 March – Powershell, Windows 7 and the Windows 7 Resource Kit

Both sessions start at 7:30 pm GMT

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Sites for PowerShell User Groups

If you are looking for a PowerShell User Group in your area check out


It includes sites for a number of groups and links to others.  The events calendar is good for showing what is happening in the PowerShell world

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AD cmdlets UG meeting

Thank you to everyone who linked in to the user group meeting tonight.  There were some good questions. I’ll post the scripts, demo text, slides and recording as soon as I can find a home for it – its a 30MB+ file.

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Correct version of PowerShell

It seems that versions of the PowerShell v2 CTP are still being used and problems are being reported because the incorrect version of PowerShell is being used.

Tobias has a great post explaining which version you should be using and providing tools to check your PowerShell installation.


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Remember Tuesday

Tuesday 26 January 7:30 GMT

PowerShell User group meeting on Windows 2008 R2 AD cmdlets

Details from

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UG Meeting 9 February

Second Meeting of the year

When: Tuesday, Feb 9, 2010 7:30 PM (GMT)



Powershell, WMI and WQL


Richard Siddaway has invited you to attend an online meeting using Live Meeting.
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    Meeting ID: 5JCG5C
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If you still cannot enter the meeting, contact support

Microsoft Office Live Meeting can be used to record meetings. By participating in this meeting, you agree that your communications may be monitored or recorded at any time during the meeting.

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PowerShell in Practice Update

In case you were wondering what was happening with this book – the good news is that it has started progressing again.  It has been through Technical review as wel as the third general review. It is now in the hands of the editors and heading towards production.

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Methods and properties of data types

Do you sometimes get stuck & can’t remember the methods and properties of a string or an integer?  No its not galloping senility honest.

One quick way to get the information is to pass an object of the appropriate type into get-member e.g.

"agafgf" | gm
1 | gm


saves having to remember everything

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