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PSCX functions

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As well as a set of cmdlets – version 2 of PSCX delivers an interesting set of functions

PS> Get-Command -Module pscx -CommandType function | format-wide -Column 3

Add-DirectoryLength                     Add-ShortPath                           cd-
cd..                                    cd…                                   cd….
cd…..                                 cd\                                     cd~
cd+                                     Dismount-VHD                            Edit-File
Edit-HostProfile                        Edit-Profile                            Enable-OpenPowerShellHere
Get-ChildItem                           Get-Help                                Get-PropertyValue
Get-PscxAlias                           Get-PscxCmdlet                          Get-PscxDrive
Get-PscxFunction                        Get-PscxProvider                        Get-ScreenCss
Get-ScreenHtml                          Get-ViewDefinition                      Invoke-BatchFile
Invoke-Elevated                         Invoke-GC                               Invoke-NullCoalescing
Invoke-Ternary                          less                                    Mount-VHD
New-HashObject                          Out-Speech                              Quote-List
Quote-String                            Resolve-ErrorRecord                     Resolve-HResult
Resolve-WindowsError                    Set-LocationEx                          Set-ReadOnly
Set-Writable                            Stop-RemoteProcess


Edit-Profile   will open your profile in Notepad 

Edit-File sw.txt – opens the sw.txt file in Notepad

invoke-elevated – opens a new PowerShell instance that has elevated privileges i.e. run as administrator


We’ll look at more of these functions as we progress through this series

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