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PowerShell pack: ISEpack

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The ISEpack adds a number of commands to the Add-ons menu in ISE.  The list of additional commands includes

Add-ForeachStatement                    Add-IfStatement                         Add-InlineHelp
Add-IseMenu                             Add-Parameter                           Add-PInvoke
Add-SwitchStatement                     Close-AllOpenedFiles                    Colorize
ConvertTo-ShortcutKeyTable              Export-FormatView                       Get-CurrentFunction
Get-CurrentOpenedFileToken              Get-CurrentToken                        Get-FunctionFromFile
Get-ShellVerb                           Get-TokenFromFile                       Invoke-Line
Move-ToLastGroup                        Move-ToLastPowerShellTab                Move-ToNextGroup
Move-ToNextPowerShellTab                New-IseScript                           New-ScriptModuleFromCurrentLocation
Push-CurrentFileLocation                Push-Module                             Save-IseFileWithAutoName
Select-AllInFile                        Select-CurrentText                      Select-CurrentTextAsCommand
Select-CurrentTextAsType                Select-CurrentTextAsVariable            Show-HelpForCurrentSelection
Show-Member                             Show-SyntaxForCurrentCommand            Show-TypeConstructor
Show-TypeConstructorForCurrentType      Split-IseFile                           Switch-CommentOrText

how did I generate this list

Get-ChildItem -Path (Join-Path -Path ($env:PSModulePath -split ";")[1]   -ChildPath ISEPack) -Filter *.ps1 | format-wide basename -Column 3

all built up at the command line – gotta love it when a script comes together

if you are a regular ISE user these commands could be a big help

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