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Scripting Games Comments I

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I’m going to produce a few general posts with comments about the scripts I’ve seen.  Some specific points I’ll save until after the Games as they may affect the way you write your entries.

The Events in this years Games are very admin orientated and could well be representative of the sort of tasks you will meet.

I’ve been surprised by how few VBScript entries have come through.  The overwhelming majority of scripts I’ve seen have been PowerShell. Is VBScript disappearing as an admin tool or are VBScripters just not bothering.

In a few cases the rules of the event haven’t been read properly which has detracted from what was a good script – it just wasn’t solving the problem that was asked.

A couple of general points I think are worth repeating:

  1. using aliases is generally not good in production scripts – it also makes the scripts harder to read which makes me grumpy (grumpier?). You don’t want a grump judge  🙂
  2. I would also recommend sticking with the standard verbs when creating function names – it won’t affect the score but its a good habit to get into.  If you don’t know what they are – use get-verb
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