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PAM 0.2

Posted by: | June 1, 2010 | No Comment |

I’ve released the second module for the PowerShell Admin Modules tonight.  It is available from


This release includes two modules.

PAMShare (originally in PAM 0.1) contains the following functions:

  • Get-Share
  • Get-ShareAccessMask
  • Get-ShareSecurity
  • New-Share
  • Remove-Share
  • Set-Share

Get-Share can now accept a wildcard  eg get-share t*

New-Share now has the share name as first parameter and path as the second.

Both of these changes are the result of feed back on the issues page

The second module is PAMMath.  It contains functions for working with binary and hex numbers

  • ConvertTo-Binary
  • ConvertTo-Decimal
  • ConvertTo-Hex
  • Get-BinaryAND
  • Get-BinaryDifference
  • Get-BinaryOR
  • Get-BinarySum
  • Get-BinaryXOR
  • Get-HexDifference
  • Get-HexSum
  • Test-Binary
  • Test-Hex

A help file is supplied with each module.


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