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The book is finally complete and available in its final form.  The ebook is available now from http://www.manning.com/siddaway/ and the print version will be available 7 June 2010. Enjoy

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Testing a path

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Until recently VBScript was king for admin scripting in the Windows environment. This set up a certain way of doing things in people’s minds. I saw a lot of that in the Scripting Games. One example that comes to mind is testing if a path exists. In PowerShell we can do Test-Path -Path c:\test\test1.txt which […]

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After recently reviewing the book on netbooks I decided to buy one.  I have a couple of uses that immediately came to mind: running my ebook reader software – its a lot easier to hold the netbook and the screen is big enough and clear enough to read with ease acting as my mobile reference […]

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Restore points

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One really good idea I saw in the recent Scripting Games concerned modifying the registry.  How many times have you seen the warning – modifying the registry is dangerous, it can wreck your laptop, cause global warming and lead to the energy death of the universe. One way to avoid these calamities is to create […]

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PAM 0.2

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I’ve released the second module for the PowerShell Admin Modules tonight.  It is available from http://psam.codeplex.com/releases/view/46364 This release includes two modules. PAMShare (originally in PAM 0.1) contains the following functions: Get-Share Get-ShareAccessMask Get-ShareSecurity New-Share Remove-Share Set-Share Get-Share can now accept a wildcard  eg get-share t* New-Share now has the share name as first parameter and […]

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