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Netbook revisited

Posted by: | July 11, 2010 | No Comment |

I’ve had the HP mini 210 netbook for just over a month now. It is working out really well. 

I’ve written quite a bit on it – the relatively small height of the screen would be a problem for formatting large chunks of text and seeing the results but for first draft writing its great. Especially on the move.

I was unsure about just having 1GB of RAM but the machine seems perfectly responsive for what I’m doing – better than some of the laptops I’ve had to use.

The touchpad is still giving me a few problems but as I never get on with touch pads that’s not a surprise. My blue tooth mouse works just fine when I need a lot of mouse work.

Internet browsing is OK – again the relatively small screen size is a little restrictive.  I did use it on my last user group webcast as a monitor so I could see what was actually going out.  Worked a treat for that.

The other use I intended for was to run ebook readers – that works excellently.

Battery life is at least 6 hours and can be more depending on activities.

All in all it was a good investment.

Next purchase though is a beast of machine for using as a demo machine with Hyper-V and lots and lots of RAM

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