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PowerShell too hard?

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In an article on the Windows IT Pro site – http://www.windowsitpro.com/article/commentary/Bridging-the-Developer-Admin-Gap.aspx – Paul Thurrott states But the problem with PowerShell is that it’s so powerful its indecipherable to admins. PowerShell is arguably a full-blown development environment. It consists of a command-line shell, a .NET-based, object-oriented scripting language, and a runtime engine that can optionally be […]

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Rounding numbers

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We often need to round numbers when we are writing administration scripts – for example PS> Get-ChildItem c:\hiberfil.sys -Force | Format-Table Name, Length -AutoSize Name             Length —-             —— hiberfil.sys 2213351424   We need the force because hiberfil.sys is a hidden file.  Looking at the file size its about 2GB but its difficult to relate to […]

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Beginning of the week I took delivery of a Lenovo W510 – i7 quad core with Hyper-Threading (Windows sees 8 cores) and 16GB of RAM.  From reviews I’d seen it seemed to run Hyper-V OK so it fitted the bill for a mobile lab. Partitioned the disk OK and got Windows 2008 R2 installed.  Had […]

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PowerShell Tech tips

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Two tech tips that I’ve contributed to the Realtime publishers site are now available Go to http://nexus.realtimepublishers.com/tips.php and look under Disaster Recovery for How to Configure a Windows Server 2008 R2 Failover Cluster with Windows PowerShell  and How to Configure Data Mirroring in SQL Server 2008 with Windows PowerShell   Enjoy

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