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Dynamic Management Views

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I’ve used DMVs in PowerShell and SQL Server demos a few times but hadn’t really dug into them.  There isn’t a lot of information available on DMVs but that will change early next year when SQL Server DMVs in Action is published – http://www.manning.com/stirk/  I’ve recently read the early access version and it is well […]

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PowerShell on Bing UK

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I’ve mentioned before that Bing US included an online reference to the PowerShell cmdlets under its Visual Search heading. This is now also available on the UK version of Bing.  Navigate from the home page or jump straight in with http://www.bing.com/visualsearch?g=uk_powershell_cmdlets&qpvt=Windows+PowerShell&FORM=Z9GE52#p=4

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Creating a module

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I’m writing a new PowerShell book and have got to the fun bit where I’m creating lots of scripts. I wanted to supply these as a series of modules. So each individual listing is a function. But I don’t want to manually maintain the module file as I’m working through each chapter. Usually I create […]

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Jonathan has written a review of my PowerShell in Practice book at http://www.jonathanmedd.net/2010/10/powershell-in-practice-review-and-39-discount-code.html There is also a 39% discount code if you are quick.

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Due to unforeseen circumstances tomorrow’s (Tuesday 19 October) Live meeting presented by the UK PowerShell User Group is cancelled. Apologies for the short notice. I will reschedule for November.

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PowerShell news

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Couple of bits of news you might not have seen.   There’s a new PowerShell ebook available by PowerShell MVP Don Jones at http://nexus.realtimepublishers.com/accwp.php?ref=dj4   PASS (Professsional Association for SQL Server) is starting a virtual PowerShell group  http://sqlvariant.com/wordpress/index.php/2010/10/announcing-the-new-powershell-virtual-chapter-of-pass/ more details from http://powershell.sqlpass.org/

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Recording script output

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Problem I need to record the output from my scripts.   Solution Use Start/Stop-Transcript. Oops. I forgot to tell you that I sometimes use ISE as well as the PowerShell console. Hmm. The Transcript cmdlets don’t work in ISE. The Scripting Guys showed how to capture the output of a script that was run in […]

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Powershell UG October 2010

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When: Tuesday, Oct 19, 2010 7:30 PM (BST)Where: Virtual *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Following on from the discussion at last months live meeting we will cover PowerShell jobs Notes Richard Siddaway has invited you to attend an online meeting using Live Meeting.Join the meeting.Audio InformationComputer AudioTo use computer audio, you need speakers and microphone, or a headset. First […]

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Tee-Object cmdlet

Posted by: | October 8, 2010 | 6 Comments |

How often do you use the Tee-Object cmdlet?  If you are anything like me I would guess fairly infrequently – if at all.  It does deserve to be considered. Think of running  Get-Process.  We get a nice display on screen. We may decide to save the output Get-Process | Out-File c:\test\proc1.txt but now we don’t […]

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At first glance these three topics may seem to have nothing in common apart from the fact that they all begin with the letter “A”.  They are however intimately linked as we will see. Architecture in an IT sense has many definitions (one per practising IT Architect at the last count) but I regard it […]

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