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Architecture and Design

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When we are talking about IT infrastructure the terms architecture and design seem to be used with identical meaning – even by practising architects who should know better. The two concepts are quite different. A architecture is how we want deliver – the concept if you like.  I have seen this level labelled as conceptual […]

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First time sighting

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I received an unsolicited job spec today – first time I’ve seen one with PowerShell listed as the essential skill Now is definitely the time to start learning PowerShell if you haven’t already

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Location stacks

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We saw that push-location stores the current location and changes the location to the specified folder.  The location is stored on a stack. A stack is exactly what it sounds like. Think of a stack of plates. Each plate represents a location. The first location (plate) goes on the bottom and all subsequent locations (plates) […]

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I recently recorded an episode of the get-scripting podcast which is produced by fellow PowerShell MVP Jonathan Medd.  The podcast is available from http://get-scripting.blogspot.com/2011/01/get-scripting-podcast-episode-21.html   During the session we discuss: the UK PowerShell user group PowerShell in general PowerShell in Practice – http://www.manning.com/siddaway/ PowerShell and WMI – http://www.manning.com/siddaway2/ WMI in general extending to use of […]

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When: Tuesday, Feb 8, 2011 7:30 PM (GMT)Where: Live Meeting *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* An introductory session showing how to get the most out of PowerShell’s utility cmdlets. These areCompare-ObjectForEach-ObjectGroup-ObjectMeasure-ObjectNew-ObjectSelect-ObjectSort-ObjectTee-ObjectWhere-ObjectSuitable for beginners and the odd possible surprise for experts Notes Richard Siddaway has invited you to attend an online meeting using Live Meeting.Join the meeting.Audio InformationComputer AudioTo use […]

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Location, location

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The location cmdlets don’t seem to get used very much from the scripts I have seen. There are four cmdlets dealing with location: Get-Location Pop-Location Push-Location Set-Location In its simplest use Get-Location supplies the path to the current folder PS> Get-Location Path —- C:\scripts   Set-Location can be used to change folders.  It is aliased […]

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Please note the following dates for your diaries:   8 February – PowerShell utility cmdlets An introductory session showing how to get the most out of PowerShell’s utility cmdlets.  These are Compare-Object ForEach-Object Group-Object Measure-Object New-Object Select-Object Sort-Object Tee-Object Where-Object   22 March – Regular Expressions PowerShell MVP Tome Tanasovski will present on Regular Expressions.  […]

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PowerShell colours

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The background and text colours for a PowerShell instance (not ISE) can be set through the properties of the window. There are a set of colours for the background and text of: Error messages Warning Messages Debug info Verbose output Progress bars that cannot be set in this manner. There is a PowerShell 2.0 automatic […]

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Chapter 4 has been released for PowerShell and WMI. It is available through the Manning Early Access Program (MEAP) at http://www.manning.com/siddaway2/ The first 4 chapters cover: Solving Administrative Challenges Using PowerShell WMI in Depth Best Practices Chapters 5 and 6 covering System Configuration Information and Disk Systems respectively are in the pipeline.  I’m currently working […]

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PowerShell Best practices

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Ed Wilson – Microsoft Scripting Guy – gave a superb presentation to the UK PowerShell group tonight.  If you missed it the recording will be available for the next 365 days You have been invited you to view a Microsoft Office Live Meeting recording. View Recording Recording Details     Subject: Windows PowerShell Best Practice     […]

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