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Last call

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Last reminder for the UK PowerShell Group Live Meeting tomorrow night http://msmvps.com/blogs/richardsiddaway/archive/2011/01/18/uk-user-group-february-live-meeting.aspx   Meeting in March will cover Regular Expressions with guest speaker Tome Tanasovski  MVP

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PowerShell and WMI code

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Manning are releasing the chapters of my latest book PowerShell and WMI under their Early Access Program. The first four chapters are available now from http://www.manning.com/siddaway2/. The source code for these chapters has also been made available for download from the same site. As more chapters are released the source code will be released as […]

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Do you remember the brilliant shows produced by Gerry Anderson: Thunderbirds Stingray Captain Scarlet Fireball XL5 Supercar   And even the not so brilliant Joe 90. The Post Office (UK) is producing a set of stamps to commemorate the shows.  They are also providing wallpapers for you computer.  Download from https://treatbox.net/genius-of-gerry-anderson-wallpapers/?utm_source=eNewsletter&utm_term=2011-1&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GerryAndersonWallpapers Enjoy

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Don’t forget

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The UK PowerShell group has a Live Meeting on Tuesday 8 February at 7.30pm GMT. Details from: http://msmvps.com/blogs/richardsiddaway/archive/2011/01/18/uk-user-group-february-live-meeting.aspx

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COM pt 7–Items pt 2

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In part 6 we looked at the drives collection on the FileSystemObject. The Items property was mentioned. Lets jump back to our Shell object $shell = New-Object -ComObject "Shell.Application"   if we do a Get-Member $shell | gm You will see a method called Namespace.  This allows you to work with the Special Folders. One […]

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Online help

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Its been a long day today so I’m going to skip the next part of the COM series and show a useful bit of functionality from a PowerShell cmdlet. Anyone who has been around PowerShell for any length of time is aware of the get-help cmdlet e.g. Get-Help Set-Content get-help about_for   It is so […]

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Life is full of surprises and one that has happened to me revolves around the post that seems to get the most attention.  Since moving to one of my mirrors from Microsoft Live to WordPress one of the extra features is a report on the post that gets the most traffic. Surprisingly it is this […]

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COM pt 6–Collections pt 1

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If we return to our filesystemobject $fso = New-Object -ComObject "Scripting.FileSystemObject" and look at the drives collection $fso.Drives   we will see a collection of drives. If we try to index into it $fso.Drives[0]   we get error that says Unable to index into an object of type System.__ComObject.   can do something like this […]

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