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During Jeff Hicks’ talk about formatting he did the usual demo of taking an extract of a format file and modify it to create a new default format.  Jim Truher mentioned that he had a script that would generate the XML for a format file and that he would post it.  He has and its […]

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One topic that came up during my talk at Deep Dive was the speed of running a WQL vs using –Filter in Get-WmiObject.  I’d never tested it so its time to find out. PowerShell v2 has a handy cmdlet called Measure-Command that times how long a command runs We’ll start with using a filter Get-WmiObject […]

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One of the events involved getting some information about a file running in a particular process. On a local machine we can use Get-Process powershell –FileVersionInfo   Get-Process has a computername parameter so we can work remotely.    WRONG. If you try this against remote machine PS> Get-Process powershell -FileVersionInfo -ComputerName server02 Get-Process : Exception […]

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One question that I was asked at the deep dive – Is there a way to link a disk volume back to the physical disk it resides on? There doesn’t seem to be. If we test the WMI classes associated with a volume we get these results Win32_Directory Win32_QuotaSetting Win32_ShadowProvider Win32_ShadowCopy Win32_ComputerSystem Win32_Volume Win32_Group If […]

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In PowerShell we have a number of ways to perform actions on remote machines. Many of the scenarios in the Scripting Games introduced the need to perform some action on a remote machine. Many of the solutions involved creating sessions, using invoke-command and then tearing down the sessions. WHY? The problem is to get a […]

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Scripting Games 2012

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Next years Scripting Games will be April 2-13 Looking forward to it already

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PowerShell cmdlets that change the system state have a –whatif parameter to test what would happen for example PS> Get-Service sp* | Stop-Service -WhatIf What if: Performing operation "Stop-Service" on Target "Print Spooler (Spooler)". What if: Performing operation "Stop-Service" on Target "Software Protection (sppsvc)". What if: Performing operation "Stop-Service" on Target "SPP Notification Service (sppuinotify)". […]

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Some of the events had the production of a CSV file as the end result with a bonus point if you opened the file in Excel. The quickest way and easiest way to open a CSV file in Excel is like this Invoke-Item -Path chapt4.csv   This will work if you have the CSV file […]

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When: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 8:30 PM (BST)Where: Live Meeting *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Join PowerShell MVP and author Jonathan Medd to learn about PowerShell modules and how to get the most out of them. Notes Richard Siddaway has invited you to attend an online meeting using Live Meeting.Join the meeting.Audio InformationComputer AudioTo use computer audio, you need […]

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The PowerShell Deep Dive last week was the best conference I have ever attended. The group consisted of members of the PowerShell team, Ed Wilson – the Scripting Guy, PowerShell MVPs and a large number of PowerShell experts and enthusiasts.  The last word summed it up.  The Scripting Club was supposed to finish at 10pm […]

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