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A switch parameter does exactly what it says. It switches on some piece of code in your function. Using a switch parameter seems to be misunderstood.  I saw a lot of code like this during the games.   001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 function testswitch { param ([switch]$all=$false)    if ($all -eq $false){    get-process | sort CPU -Descending | select -First 5 […]

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As the final judging of the Scripting Games takes place today I thought it time to blog about a few things I noticed while judging.  These comments are not about solving the events but about using PowerShell.  These comments are in no particular order – just things I observed. This is a standard pipeline. I […]

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Not a title you see very often I admit but if the Bard had been at Deep Dive this is what he would have said about it:   We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that shares his script with me Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile, […]

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Chapters 8 and 9 of PowerShell and WMI have been released into the MEAP. They are available from http://www.manning.com/siddaway2/   Chapter 8 covers the File system Administer shares Compress or encrypt files Monitor file system events Chapter 9 covers Services and processes including: service load order discover process owners use WMI events to control processes […]

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Arrived in sunny Las Vegas.  Conference proper starts tomorrow but there is a real interest in PowerShell.  Already had lots of conversations and the breadth of stuff people are using it for amazes me.  There are some awesome sessions coming up.  Look for info filtering into blog posts in the near future.

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Tuesday’s recording

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The recording from Tuesdays UG meeting is available. Richard Siddaway has invited you to view a Microsoft Office Live Meeting recording. View Recording Recording Details Subject: PowerShell and COM objects Recording URL: https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/usergroups/view Recording ID: Q4DPJT Attendee Key: 4~_TzB%6w   The slides and scripts are available from http://cid-43cfa46a74cf3e96.office.live.com/browse.aspx/PowerShell%20User%20Group/2011%20April Previous meeting’s recordings are still available: Regular […]

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Scripting Games entries

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With only 7 events announced there have been more than 1000 scripts entered into the Games – still plenty of time to join in

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Don’t forget the user group meeting tomorrow http://msmvps.com/blogs/richardsiddaway/archive/2011/04/03/powershell-ug-meeting-april-2011-com-objects.aspx

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See this excellent post for tips on what not to do when writing PowerShell scripts http://blogs.technet.com/b/heyscriptingguy/archive/2011/04/09/top-ten-mistakes-made-during-week-1-of-the-2011-scripting-games.aspx

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No I’m not going to give you the answers – you’ll just have to wait until the events close. During (and possibly after) the games I’m going to comment on some of the things I’ve noticed about PowerShell usage. I want to start with breaking a PowerShell line across multiple lines.  The “one liner” is […]

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