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PowerShell Basics: 3 When not to use PowerShell

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Is there a time when you shouldn’t use PowerShell – No

Is there a time when there might be better alternatives – Yes

I can think of a number of situations where writing a PowerShell script may not be the most effective answer:

  • a simple one off or very infrequent task that can be done in the GUI
  • you have a VBScript that works – convert it to PowerShell when it needs updating not now
  • there is a command line utility that can do the job that you know how to use
  • you need maximum performance – means you need compiled code

There will be more that you can think of but these cover the main scenarios I’ve seen.

Spend your PowerShell time being productive and automate the most common and/or repetitive tasks first. You’ll soon save the time to tackle the more difficult, complex or infrequent tasks

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