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Outlook folders

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The functions we’ve seen so far have involved iterating through the whole set of Outlook folders. That’s a lot of folders (I have 4 email accounts with lost of folders). The trick is to do this just once and then use the GetFolderFromID method at the Outlook.Session level to access individual mailboxes The problem is […]

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PowerShell Cheat Sheet

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This may be useful for people starting PowerShell. If you can’t remember what punctuation sign does what in PowerShell get a copy of this cheat sheet http://blogs.lessthandot.com/index.php/DataMgmt/DBAdmin/a-cheat-sheet-for-all

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Continuing our look at scripting against Outlook & the hotmail connector Many of the emails I get end up being read once and deleted. This leaves a ton of stuff in the deleted items folders. Periodically I’ll clean these up. This is one way how it can be accomplished. function clear-deletedmail { $outlook = New-Object […]

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Live Mesh Update

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Couple of points worth noting if you are going to use Live Mesh (1) File paths longer than 269 characters (folder paths > 248) won’t sync  – shorten the path to fix (2) PST files won’t sync – even if they are not in use   By default Mesh wants to put the target folder […]

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On my home laptop I use Live Mail to aggregate my hotmail accounts. On my travelling netbook I decided to try the Outlook Connector http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/microsoft-office-outlook-hotmail-connector-overview-HA010222518.aspx This add in enables you to access hotmail accounts from Outlook & because I’m using Outlook 2010 I can have multiple mailboxes open at once. This leads to some interesting […]

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Live Mesh

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One problem I’ve had for a while is how to keep my script library synchronised across a number of machines.  I have a laptop I use for my development work at home and I have two netbooks – at least one of which is always with my when I’m away from home. I’ve tried using […]

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One thing that can cause problems on the network is the duplex setting on the network adapter.  If this doesn’t match the switch port then at best you will get performance issues and at worst no connectivity. The speed of the connection can be obtained from Win32_NetworkAdapter but for the duplex setting we need to […]

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The New IT ?

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A recent headline asked “How will you fit into the New IT?” My answer is what new IT? I have been working in IT for well over 20 years and in that time I can’t remember a period when there wasn’t a significant change coming: introduction of PCs growth of networks Internet Rise of Windows […]

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Kindle for PC fix?

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I appear to have fixed my problem. In the hope that this may help others in similar position this is what I did: uninstall Kindle for PC clean out all folders and content including the My Kindle Content folder. Make sure the C:\Users\Richard\username\Local\Amazon folder is deleted as well as C:\Program Files\Amazon clean out all registry […]

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Kindle for PC Update

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Just checked my other two machines and they are running v1.5 with NO problem.  The latest version is 1.6.1 and that is the one showing a problem. After removing all of the Kindle stuff including a registry I did get it to install and register.  It then starts to show the error at the second […]

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