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Kindle for PC fix?

Posted by: | July 28, 2011 | No Comment |

I appear to have fixed my problem. In the hope that this may help others in similar position this is what I did:

  1. uninstall Kindle for PC
  2. clean out all folders and content including the My Kindle Content folder. Make sure the C:\Users\Richard\username\Local\Amazon folder is deleted as well as C:\Program Files\Amazon
  3. clean out all registry keys related to Amazon/Kindle – I did a registry search on Amazon
  4. Shut down the machine. A restart does not seem to do the job – it needs to be a cold start
  5. Download the Kindle for PC application. Do not try and run it from the website
  6. Right click the application, select properties and Unblock.
  7. Right click application and select Troubleshoot compatibility
  8. select Try recommended settings
  9. click start program
  10. The install should work and allow you to register the installation
  11. Right click the icon you use to start Kindle and set compatibility to windows XP SP 2
  12. delete the content of the My Kindle content folder

It should now work. Once your content ahas re-synchronised you can remove the compatibility setting

I also found that downloading the installer and performing an install over the top of v1.5 seems to work OK.

Good luck. This is not a well behaved application and there is no excuse for having to go through these hoops especially as Amazon claim the application is compatible with Windows 7

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