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Outlook: Viewing Calendar Entries

We have seen how to view emails – this is how to view items in your calendar

function get-calendaritem {            
$outlook = New-Object -ComObject Outlook.Application            
get-mailfolders |             
where {$_.Path -like "*calendar*" -and $_.Path -notlike "*birthday*"} |            
foreach {            
  $targetfolder = $outlook.Session.GetFolderFromID($_.EntryID, $_.StoreID)            
  $targetfolder.Items | foreach {            
   New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property @{            
    Folder = $targetfolder.FolderPath            
    StartTime = $_.Start            
    EndTime = $_.End            
    Organizer = $_.Organizer            
    Subject = $_.Subject            
    Location =$_.Location            

Use the get-mailfolders function we developed earlier. Filter for the calendar folders. For each of them get the folder and strip the appropriate properties from the entry. Create an object and display

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