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Win32_OSRecoveryConfiguration class

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The Win32_OSRecoveryConfiguration class represents the types of information that will be gathered from memory when the operating system fails. This includes boot failures and system crashes.

One very important parameter is DebugInfoType  which sets the type of debugging information written to the log file.

Possible values are:

Value Meaning




Complete Memory Dump


Kernel Memory Dump


Small Memory Dump

If we try and change the setting like this

Set-WmiInstance -Class Win32_OSRecoveryConfiguration -Arguments @{DebugInfoType=1}

we get this error

Set-WmiInstance : Unsupported parameter

Lets try running in an elevated prompt. Nope same error

Last chance we EnableAllPrivileges while in an elevated prompt

Nope still get same error

very last chance

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_OSRecoveryConfiguration -EnableAllPrivileges |
Set-WmiInstance -Arguments @{DebugInfoType=1}

Now that works!!

We have to enable all privileges on the object BEFORE we try and modify it.

If you have a WMI class where you are trying to modify a property and get these errors:

  1. Try elevated prompt
  2. Try –EnableAllPrivileges in elevated prompt
  3. Try Get-WmiObject with –EnableAllPrivileges  piped into Set-WmiInstance in an elevated prompt
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