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Logging non-contactable systems

In this post - – I showed how to get the date of the last update applied to a system.  A comment was posted asking how to log machines that can’t be contacted

".", "rslaptop01", "" | foreach {              
    if (Test-Path -Path hotfix.log){Remove-Item -Path hotfix.log -Force}            
    if(-not(Test-Connection -ComputerName $_ -Count 1 -Quiet)){            
      Add-content -Path hotfix.log -Value "Could not contact $($_) at $(get-date)" -Encoding ASCII            
    else {            
      Get-HotFix -ComputerName $_  |              
      Where {$_.InstalledOn} |              
      sort InstalledOn -Descending |              
      select CSname, @{Name="Installed";              
      Expression={"{0:dd MMMM yyyy}" -f [datetime]$_.InstalledOn.Tostring()}} -First 1             

Simply add a couple of lines to run Test-Connection and if you don’t get an answer then write out to a log file.

One Response to Logging non-contactable systems

  • Branko says:

    this code below working for me but im not good enough with PS to make logging working 🙂
    i have a list with servers scan the for last update and export to csv. so if you could help me add this i would be very greatful 🙂 tnx in advance.


    $content = @();
    Get-Content “C:\servers.txt” |foreach {
    $content +=
    Get-HotFix -ComputerName $_ |
    Where {$_.InstalledOn} |
    sort InstalledOn -Descending |
    select CSname, @{Name=”Installed”;
    Expression={“{0:dd MMMM yyyy}” -f [datetime]$_.InstalledOn.Tostring()}} -First 1
    $content | Export-Csv C:\update.csv

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