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Inbound replication

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Continuing round the MicrosoftActiveDirectory namespace we get to the MSAD_ReplCursor class which provides inbound replication state information about all replicas of a Naming Context


Get-WmiObject -Namespace root\MicrosoftActiveDirectory -Class MSAD_ReplCursor  |
Format-Table -GroupBy NamingContextDN -Property SourceDsaDN, SourceDsaInvocationID,
@{N="LastSuccessfulSync"; E={$_.ConvertToDateTime($_.TimeOfLastSuccessfulSync)}}, USNAttributeFilter –AutoSize

The interesting properties are the TimeofLastSuccessfulSync and the USNAttributeFilter.  The latter – to quote from the documentation  “gets the maximum update sequence number to which the destination server can indicate that it has recorded all changes originated by the given server at update sequence numbers less than, or equal to, this update sequence number. This property is used to filter changes that the destination server has already applied at replication source servers”.


Between the WMI classes we have the basis of a good test of replication  for our AD domain.  All we have to do is put it together in a coherent picture.

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