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Scripting Games 2012 comments: #7 update on beginners event 3

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It was bugging me that I couldn’t get try-catch work on the folder where I didn’t have permissions. Finally thought of the reason – set the ErrorAction to Ignore. Heres the revised script

param (            
 [string]$path = "C:\2012sg\event3",            
 [string]$file = "Process3.txt"            
Write-Verbose "Test path is valid"            
if (-not (Test-Path -Path $path -IsValid)){            
  Throw "Invalid path $path"            
if (-not (Test-Path -Path $path)){            
   Write-Verbose "Create Folder"            
   try {            
     $rt = New-Item -Path $path -ItemType Directory -ErrorAction Ignore            
   catch {            
     $path = (Join-Path -Path $env:HOMEDRIVE -ChildPath $env:HOMEPATH) + (Split-Path -Path $path -NoQualifier)            
     Write-Debug $path            
     New-Item -Path $path -ItemType Directory | Out-Null            
Write-Verbose "Write Process data"            
Get-Process |             
Format-Table Name, Id  -a |             
Out-File -FilePath (Join-Path -Path $path -ChildPath $file)            
Creates a folder to hold a file containing process data

A folder - by default "C:\2012sg\event3" - is created and a file called
"Process3.txt" by default is created holding process data. The process 
name and id is used to fill the file. 

Any existing file is over written

If the folder can't be created in the root of C: it is created in
$env:HOMEDRIVE\$env:HOMEPATH i.e. the users home drive


Path of the folder we want to create
Default is "C:\2012sg\event3"


File name of file to hold process data
Default is "Process3.txt"


Runs script with default values

.\beg3.ps1 -path "c:\testbeg3\event3" -file "testP3.txt"

Runs script with values for path and file supplied

.\beg3.ps1 -Verbose

Runs script with verbose output

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