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PowerShell news April 2012

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As April comes to close so does the extension for grading scripts in the recent games. I’ve been so busy grading haven’t had time to blog about the games. I’ll start to catch up on the backlog over the next few weeks.  This years games have been huge with more than 150% growth in the number of scripts submitted. That is a lot of PowerShell.


The Deep Dive starts tonight – with keynotes tomorrow. This is shaping up to be the PowerShell event of the year.


Powershell and WMI will be available very soon.


Advanced Powershell – http://www.manning.com/jones2/ is well on the way and still on target for a release soon after Windows 8 and Powershell v3


Windows 8/windows 2012 release candidate will be with us in early June. Already had one user group session on the topic and there will be another one in May

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