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PowerShell v3 ISE

Posted by: | May 28, 2012 | No Comment |

The ISE has a new look in PowerShell v3. The scripting pane remains but the output and interactive panes have been amalgamated to produce a single console like pane.

When I first saw it I didn’t like it but after jumping between PowerShell v2 and v3 recently the single console pane has grown on me and I actually prefer it as a way of working.

If you haven’t looked at PowerShell v3 yet now is the time to start. With the release candidate of Windows 8 expected in early June we will get the RC of PowerShell v3. Barring any last minute changes (more likely to be removals than additions – its just the way it works) thats what we will be working with once it ships.

My ISE add-ons like the ISE pack from the Windows 7 PowerShell powerpack still appear to work in the v3 version.

Can’t wait for the final release

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