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Way back in this post http://msmvps.com/blogs/richardsiddaway/archive/2011/06/27/modifying-favourites.aspx I mentioned about adding a new favourite.  Favourites are special folders and one way to work with them is through the old COM objects function add-favourite{ [CmdletBinding()] param( [parameter(Mandatory=$true)] [string]$name, [ValidateNotNullOrEmpty()] [string]$url ) BEGIN{}#begin PROCESS{ $so = New-Object -ComObject Shell.Application $ff = $so.Namespace(0x6) $path = Join-Path -Path $($ff.Self.Path) -ChildPath […]

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The Windows 8 start screen has a nice looking app to display the weather. You can search for towns and cities to add to the display. My home town (or even the nearest big town) doesn’t show in the results returned by the search. The nearest town I can find is 50 miles away. In […]

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Windows 8 brings PowerShell v3 and a whole bunch of PowerShell modules.  One such module is NETTCPIP and as the name suggests is about networking. PowerShell v3 automatically loads modules for you so as soon as PowerShell opens try PS> Get-NetIPConfiguration InterfaceAlias       : Ethernet InterfaceIndex       : 13 InterfaceDescription : NVIDIA nForce 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet NetProfile.Name      […]

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When you do an upgrade or a new install on a system that already has Windows installed you get a Windows.old folder left behind with a whole bunch of stuff you no longer need. The permissions aren’t reset so you have a painful experience getting rid of it and as its quite a few GB […]

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A few things really including: If you sign out you lose any downloads! There doesn’t appear to be any way to read kindle format ebooks obtained from other sources. In other words you are locked into Amazon If you sync your settings between Windows 8 systems – seems like a good idea – then only […]

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I’ve upgraded two machines to Windows 8 The first is my main working laptop: Windows 8 Enterprise can’t do an in place upgrade of Windows 7 Ultimate. So had to re-install all my applications. Took the opportunity to upgrade to Office 2013 and Visual Studio 2012 Following installed and work: Adobe Digital Editions Camtasia Snaggit […]

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PowerShell v3 goodness

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Downloaded and installed PowerShell v3 and its associated new operating system (Windows 8) from MSDN in the week. One nice new cmdlet is Unblock-File. Download a bunch of files from the Internet and you have to unblock them.  Its now this easy Get-ChildItem -Filter *.d* | Unblock-File

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