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Office 2013 and SkyDrive

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Office 2013 has the assumption that your SkyDrive is your primary storage area.

Live Essentials supplies an app that allows you to synchronise your PCs with your SkyDrive – it replaces Live Mesh. 

I liked Live Mesh as I could perform peer to peer synchronisation at the folder level.

The new SkyDrive synchronisation only allows a single top level folder and you have to sync through SkyDrive

The interaction between Office 2013 and SkyDrive is not perfect. Office 2013 appears not to understand the SkyDrive and attempts its own synchronisation which doesn’t always work. You are then left with the option to discard your changes or save to another location.

The misunderstandings between SkyDrive and Office 2013 can lead to lost work  – save often!

I haven’t seen as many issues between SkyDrive and Office 2013

This needs to be ironed out before Office 2013 RTMs ideally with a simple option to switch off Office 2013s direct interaction with SkyDrive

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