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Book offer–AD Management in a Month of Lunches

AD Management in a month of lunches is today’s deal of the day from Manning –

The get 50% off today using code dotd0227cc. The offer is good for today only

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One Response to Book offer–AD Management in a Month of Lunches

  • budhi suwardi ( says:

    Dear Richard,

    A few minutes ago, I purchased from Manning website your e-book with the title AD Managment in a Month of Lunches, together with related PowerShell.
    I have downloaded the e-books and start reading it.
    I have question regarding preparing test lab computers and trial SWs needed to be installed first.
    Will you give me step by step/detail procedure how to download the trial SWs from Microsoft, and installed it properly in my Lab-Test environment.
    I will install it at home, my HWs and OS configuration (Lab-Test) currently like:
    1(one) work station with CPU Intel 7 gen 2, 16 Gb memory, running Win 7 Ultimate.
    1(one) Lap top with AMD quad core, 4 GB memory, running Win 7 Home Premium.
    And I have hub, and router connected to ISP through my router going out using fiber optic direct to my ISP in Canby, Oregon.

    Probably you can give me the links to download trial SW from Microsoft, and checking point to verify my Lap-Test had been installed properly. Before I can try user creation.

    Thank you so much for your attention to read my message, and I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Even though I have created a new username id, and password following the link on the e-book, but I still can not submit a message to you.
    That why I wrote the message to your blog.

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