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Remove entry from trusted hosts list

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The last variant I want to show is removing a single entry from the list

function remove-trustedhost {
param (
[string]$computername = $env:COMPUTERNAME

if (Test-Connection -ComputerName $computername -Quiet -Count 1) {
  $th = Get-WSManInstance -ResourceURI winrm/config/client -ComputerName $computername |
  select -ExpandProperty TrustedHosts

  if ($th) {
    $ths = $th -split ", |,", 0, "Regex"

    $newth = ($ths -ne $trustedhost) -join ", "
    Set-WSManInstance -ResourceURI winrm/config/client -ComputerName $computername -ValueSet @{TrustedHosts = $newth}

  else {
    Write-Warning -Message "No trusted hosts to remove"
else {
  Write-Warning -Message "$computername is unreachable"


After testing that you can connect to the remote machine use Get-WsManinstance to pull the current trusted hosts list. Split the list into an array. I’ve used a regular expression fo the delimiter so I catch the cases with and without a space after the comma – I tend to leave a space but other people don’t.

Recreate the string without the entry you don’t want.

Its probable you could use the replace operator for this instead but I wanted to show how to remove an entry from an array.

Use set-WSManInstance to reset the trusted hosts list.

Now you have 4 functions for managing your trusted hosts list – enjoy

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