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File system ACLs – copying ACLs

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A comment was left on the first post in the series asking if I could show how to copy ACLs from one object to another.  For the sake of this post we’ll assume that the ACLs from c:\test will be copied to c:\test2.

If this is one shot deal you can just use the PowerShell pipeline:

Get-Acl -Path C:\Test | Set-Acl -Path C:\Test2

If you need something that will be used more frequently – how about a copy-acl function:

function copy-acl {
param (
[ValidateScript({Test-Path -Path $_ })]

[ValidateScript({Test-Path -Path $_ })]

     Get-Acl -Path $path | Set-Acl -Path $destination -Passthru -ErrorAction Stop
     Throw "Error setting ACL on $destination"

Get the source and target paths as parameters – validation scripts are used to determine if the paths exist.

Use the Get—Acl  | Set-Acl combination from earlier to set the ACL on the destination.  wrap it in a try/catch and use –Passthru on Set-Acl to see some output

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