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Workflows: 5 CDXML modules

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Last time we saw that you’re not really using cmdlets in PowerShell workflows – you’re using workflow activities. Some cmdlets haven’t been packaged into activities and for those you need to put them in an Inlinescript block.  You can also use an Inlinescript block to run any arbitrary piece of PowerShell.

One thing I hadn’t tried was using some of the CDXML (WMI class wrapped in XML and published as a PowerShell module) modules that ship in Windows 8 and later. As far as I was aware they hadn’t been packaged as activities –

so thought I’d try this

workflow net1 {
parallel {


Surprisingly it worked.

The only reason I can think of that it works is that the way CDXML publishes the cmdlets as functions -  ls function:\Get-NetAdapter | fl *

Enables a workflow to use the function. Even if the module containing the cmdlet hasn’t been explicitly or implicitly loaded the workflow still runs.

You can tell these cmdlets haven’t been packaged as activities as the activity common parameters aren’t available on them.

One of life’s little mysteries. I’ll get to the bottom of it and find out why eventually. In the meantime our workflows just became a whole lot richer in terms of functionality.

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