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Getting the most from your PowerShell Summit

Posted by: | September 17, 2014 Comments Off on Getting the most from your PowerShell Summit |

With the first European PowerShell Summit rapidly approaching – 11 days and counting – I thought I’d give you a few ideas on how to get the maximum out of the Summit.

First – ask questions – lots of questions.  The speakers are masters of their topics and if you need to drill deeper to understand something talk to them in the breaks or over lunch. At Summits in North America we’ve had discussions go on well into the early morning!


Don’t try and copy code that you see.  The demo code and slides will be available after the Summit.


All of the sessions are recorded so you will have a chance to replay bits you need to see again. Some of the speakers will cram a lot into the sessions so accessing the recordings will be useful


Talk to your fellow attendees – I seen discussions where one persons problem was solved by another attendee who’d gone through the same issues


Make suggestions for topics you’d like covered at future Summits – if we get enough demand for a topic we’ll find a speaker


Representatives of the PowerShell will be present, and speaking. Talk to them. Tell them what you like. More importantly tell them what you don’t like or what isn’t working for you.  They love feed back from real users.


A number of PowerShell MVPs will be speaking or in the audience. This is your opportunity to talk to them and  ask your difficult questions. They are recognised experts and will be more than willing to help.


Lastly – ask questions. Lots of questions. If you can’t get your questions answered at a PowerShell Summit – there is a serious problem.

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