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PowerShell is 8 years old this month

Strange as it may seem PowerShell 1.0 was release in November 2006. In that time we’ve had a lot of changes:

- PowerShell support added to all major Microsoft products – except Office!

- Third party adoption of PowerShell – I am now disappointed if a product doesn’t have PowerShell support rather than being surprised that it does


Version 2.0

- PowerShell remoting

- Background jobs

- More WMI cmdlets

- More cmdlets


Version 3.0

- CIM cmdlets

- CIM sessions


- PowerShell workflow


Version 4.0

- Desired State configuration


Version 5.)

- Oneget

- PowerShell get


The PowerShell community has grown phenomenally:


- PowerShell Summits in North America & Europe

- User groups across the world


Really looking forward to the next 8 years

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