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Event log dates

You can use Get-EventLog to query the event logs on you system

Get-EventLog -LogName System


One frequent task is to check if events occurred during a specific timespan. You may feel that you need to use a where-object filter to do this but there is a simple method.

Get-EventLog -LogName System -After (Get-Date -Date '1/1/2015')


Will return all events after the given date. if you don’t give a time your results start at midnight.

Get-EventLog -LogName System  -Before (Get-Date -Date '10/1/2015')


Will return all events before 10 January 2015.

You ususally use –Before in conjunction with –After to specify a data range

Get-EventLog -LogName System -After (Get-Date -Date '1/1/2015') -Before (Get-Date -Date '10/1/2015')


You can make these ranges quite specific

Get-EventLog -LogName System -After (Get-Date -Date '10/1/2015 14:31:00') -Before (Get-Date -Date '10/1/2015 15:00:00')

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