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PowerShell Summit NA 2015–Day 1

The third PowerShell Summit kicked off Monday 20 April with breakfast and a welcome from Don Jones and the board.


The PowerShell Summit is the premier PowerShell event in the world with 3 days of  in depth PowerShell sessions delivered by the PowerShell Team, PowerShell MVPs and other acknowledged  PowerShell experts.


The attendees are extremely knowledgeable asking probing questions to keep the speakers on their toes.


DSC is a major theme with the opening sessions covering this topic -  Don Jones on resource design and Jason Helmick on using DSC to deploy IIS and PWA.

Other sessions included using DSC with Active Directory, and PowerShell for the reluctant DBA.


More esoteric topics included a look at PowerShell and Odata & Monitoring with PowerShell.


The day closed with the 140 attendees listening to Jeffrey Snover discussing the State of PowerShell – where its come from and where its going

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