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Where next?

Posted by: | September 27, 2015 Comments Off on Where next? |

With the demise of the European PowerShell Summit organised by powershell.org what should happen next in Europe as far as a PowerShell conferences are concerned?


The probability is that there will be a number of regional conferences. Tobias already has a German language conference and people at the Stockholm Summit were talking about an event based in Scandinavia.


What about the UK?


I been talking to a number people and ideas are beginning to coalesce.


Suggestions so far include a one day PowerShell Saturday and a PowerShell conference modelled on the recent Summits.

What do you want to see?


Its no use putting events together if its not what the UK PowerShell community actually wants.


Leave a comment if you have views for or against either of the two ideas and if you have another option please let me know

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