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Updating help problem

Posted by: | September 28, 2015 Comments Off on Updating help problem |

A question on the forum posed this question – why does update-help fail on Windows 10 in this case:


£> Update-Help -Module PSDesiredStateConfiguration -Force
Update-Help : Failed to update Help for the module(s) ‘PSDesiredStateConfiguration’ with UI culture(s) {en-GB} :
Unable to retrieve the HelpInfo XML file for UI culture en-GB. Make sure the HelpInfoUri property in the module
manifest is valid or check your network connection and then try the command again.
At line:1 char:1
+ Update-Help -Module PSDesiredStateConfiguration -Force
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo          : ResourceUnavailable: (:) [Update-Help], Exception
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnableToRetrieveHelpInfoXml,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.UpdateHelpCommand


The usual reason is that Update-Help can’t find the help file. This is either because the URL in the module manifest is wrong or the help file isn’t available yet. In this case I suspect the help file isn’t available yet as DSC may still change as Server 2016 hasn’t shipped yet.

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