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PowerShell editing options

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I’ve used the ISE since it first appeared in PowerShell 2.0 but there are a couple of recent annocements that increase your code editing options


ISE previews will become available out of band rather than being tied to WMF/OS releases



The preview ISE is a module you can download from the PowerShell gallery and runs side-by-side with your existing version of ISE

Currently this is a PowerShell 5.0 only option

The current preview  hasn’t changed much – its just to test the delivery mechanism. Look for updates approximately monthly.


The second interesting editing option is Visual Studio Code which has PowerShell support



as well as a host of other languages. if you have to work across multiple languages this may be an option for you


Alternativley, if you use Visual Studio a lot you have the PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio option


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