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Folder creation dates from WMI

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A question on the powershell.org about finding the creation date of folders raises some interesting points


To find a folder’s creation date use:

Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Directory -Filter "Drive=’C:’ AND Path = ‘\\users\\$user\\’" | select Name, @{N=’Creation date’; E={$_.ConvertToDateTime($_.CreationDate)}}




Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_Directory -Filter "Drive=’C:’ AND Path = ‘\\users\\$user\\’" | select Name, CreationDate


If you use Get-WmiObject the date is returned in the form



Which is why you need to perform the conversion using the ConvetToDateTime method that PowerShell adds to every WMI object.


Get-CimInstance automatically performs the conversion for you.


The other interesting part is the filter

"Drive=’C:’ AND Path = ‘\\users\\$user\\’"


Note that it’s wrapped in double quotes. Each of the values is a string so HAS to be in single quotes. Also note that you need to double the \ characters as WMI treats a single \ as an escape character so you have to escape the escape character.

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