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PowerShell team announcements

Posted by: | April 26, 2016 Comments Off on PowerShell team announcements |

A few announcements from the PowerShell Team that I’m catching up on.


The Microsoft.PowerShell.Archive module is now open source



The archive module was introduced in WMF 5.0. Its now available on the PowerShell Gallery for installation on WMF 4.0. Any future updates will be through the gallery.


The version in the gallery is as opposed to that ships with WMF 5.0


You can now view the contents of files directly in the PowerShell gallery



A DSC toolkit for working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now available



WMF 5.1 will become available when Windows Server 2016 ships



WMF 5.1 will contain the changes and bug fixes introduced since WMF 5.0 shipped. Many of these have been available on Windows Insider preview builds

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