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Summer goodies

Posted by: | July 13, 2016 Comments Off on Summer goodies |

Looks like we’re set for some summer goodies over the next few months.


First up is Windows 10 anniversary update that’s due 2 August



Followed by the Windows Server 2016 launch at the end of September



TP5 is stated to be feature complete – my testing so far shows some rough edges. Hope launch means general availability and not another 2-3 month wait like we had with Windows 2012 R2


The article is also interesting for showing how Windows server and Nano server will be treated differently. Windows server wil get patches in the traditional cycle we’ve come to know and love(?). Nano server will be more like Windows 10 with updates 2-3 times per year – including new features. Hopefully that would include Nano server being able to support more roles

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