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Biggest innovation in PowerShell is…

Posted by: | July 15, 2016 Comments Off on Biggest innovation in PowerShell is… |

The imminent arrival of PowerShell 5.1 in the Windows 10 Anniversary update (assumption as the Windows 10 Insider previews have been showing PowerShell 5.1 for some time) and Windows Server 2016 (TP5 shows PowerShell 5.1) and the fact that PowerShell was officially released to the world 10 years ago come November started me thinking about what has been the biggest innovation in PowerShell over those 10 years.


Contenders that come to mind include:

– Remoting
– PowerShell modules
– CIM & CIM sessions
– Workflows
– Job engine
– Desired State Configuration
– PowerShell Gallery and package management
– PowerShell classes
– JSON support in PowerShell
– Internationalisation
– Error handling – try/catch
– Debugging enhancements
– REST API and Odata support
– PowerShell support for Microsoft products
– PowerShell support from third part vendors
– PowerShell community


Which do you think?


Or is it something else?


Leave a comment as I’m intrigued as to what people think has been the biggest PowerShell innovation

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