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What you don’t know

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This article – https://powershell.org/2016/08/08/what-are-your-known-problems-solved-in-dsc/ – started me thinking about the times I’ve worked on big projects.


One of the things we’d do was discuss things that could become problems. Knowledge falls into three groups:

– things you know

– things you don’t know – you know that X is a thing but you don’t know its value

– things you don’t know you don’t know


The last is the one that hurts. Its the things that you don’t know you don’t know that cause the surprises – for example the sudden realisation at 2am that application A won’t install if application B is install. Its not documented and you didn’t know you didn’t know that fact. Now you have to rethink your whole approach.


How do we get round this?


One way is experience – you remember what’s caused problems in the past and you check for those things. Its often said that good judgement comes from experience which comes from bad judgement!


The other way is research. Too many times I’ve seen people assume that something will work because something similar worked in the past. Some bad examples are around treating a new version of Windows the same as the current version or even worse the version you started with 10 years ago.


IT is constantly evolving. One of the things with being a professional (IT pro) is keeping up with your subject. Have you? What don’t you know you don’t know?


Continuing education is going to be a must do activity for IT pros going forward with automation & devops related skills being top of the must learn pile.

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