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PowerShell is Open Sourced

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For those of you that have been at PowerShell events over the last few years you’ll have heard Jeffrey Snover state that he wanted to take PowerShell to other platforms.


Now its happened


Jeffrey has announced that an ALPHA release of PowerShell is now available for Linux and Mac.  Currently available for Ubuntu, Centos, Red Hat and Mac OS X with more to come


The announcement is at 



Also see PowerShell blog



Some  points to note:

ISE isn’t available as part of the alphas release but VSCode is available for Linux and Mac giving an consistent editor across the platforms


PowerShell remoting will be extended to use Open SSH as well as WSMAN


Planned enhancements include:

Additional Linux Distros covered – parity with .NET Core.

Writing Cmdlets in Python and other languages

PSRP over OpenSSH

WSMan based remoting to downlevel versions of Windows and WSMan based PSRP on Linux.

Editor Services and auto-generated GUI

Unix-style wildcard expansion

Increasing test code coverage for Windows and Linux editions

Continue increasing cmdlet coverage for Linux and Windows


REMEMBER this an ALPHA release – there’s still a lot to do and its a open source project so community effort is required



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