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DevOps and IT fashions

Posted by: | August 31, 2016 Comments Off on DevOps and IT fashions |

DevOps is the latest IT fashion.


That statement is more than likely viewed as a heresey by many people in IT. A few years ago Cloud could have been the first word in the sentence and a few years before that virtualisation.


IT has a long history of jumping on band wagons and deciding that X is the solution to all our problems.


The reality is that sometimes it is and sometimes it just isn’t.


Many people state that in a DevOps environment  your servers become throw away objects because you have to  rebuild them so fast to keep up with application changes.




With some applications this is perfectly true and a DevOps infrastructure as code/continuous delivery mechanism is exactly what you need to rebuild every week, every day or even every hour.


Do I want to rebuild my mail servers on that schedule? What about database servers, your CRM system or your big file servers.


No thanks I’ll rebuild those when I need to.


DevOps has some great concepts and the PRINCIPLES of DevOps should be absorbed by every IT department but that doesn’t mean you treat every server the same and treat as expendable.


Some servers really are special and need a more traditional approach

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