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Does Microsoft hate wireless?

Posted by: | September 1, 2016 Comments Off on Does Microsoft hate wireless? |

Not having a lot of success with Windows new builds and wireless adapters this year.


First off Windows 2016 TP5 didn’t work with wireless – needed to install a patch to get it working. It still drops the connection when machine is powered down but while a pain is easy to remedy.


Windows 10 preview build 14195 appeared yesterday. Installed it and my wireless adapter stopped working. Looks to be a similar issue to Windows 2016 – oops.  In this case just rolled back to the previous build


What’s really funny about the Windows 10 issue is that I’m using a Surface Pro 2 built by – wait for it – Microsoft. So a Microsoft OS kills Microsoft hardware. I’ve seen this in the past with OS/2 and IBM kit but thought we were past those sort of errors 

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