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Filter early and WQL

Posted by: | October 4, 2016 Comments Off on Filter early and WQL |

What’s wrong with this: Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_Service | where {$_.State -eq ‘Running’ -and $_.StartName -notlike ‘LocalSystem’ -and $_.StartName -notlike ‘NT Authority*’} | select PSComputerName, Name, DisplayName, State, StartName   Nothing except that its inefficient. if you ran this against a remote machine the filtering would happen on the local machine AFTER you’d dragged everything across […]

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Opportunities come and go

Posted by: | October 3, 2016 Comments Off on Opportunities come and go |

The deadline for the submission of proposals for the 2017 has passed. We are NOT taking any new submissions. if you’ve been in communication regarding a submission thats fine its still under consideration and I’ll be in touch.   On the positive side the call for speakers for the European PowerShell conference has opened – […]

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