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2016–a PowerShell perspective

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2016 was important as the 10th anniversary of PowerShell being released as a web download – announced November 2006 at TechEd/IT Forum in Barcelona. The PowerShell team organised a 8 hour web cast on Channel 9 that I was privileged to be part of.


We also saw PowerShell 5.1 become available on Windows 10 and server 2016 (but no PowerShell for managing containers!!!)


April saw the PowerShell Summit which returned to Bellevue. The sell out event went very well with some great sessions and participation from the community and especially from the PowerShell team who went above and beyond. Already looking forward to next years event.


I also attended the PowerShell conference in Hannover, Germany and had a great time.


May saw the one day WinOps event in London – hope that becomes an annual event


The big – OK gigantic –event was the move of PowerShell core to the open source and the release of alpha versions of the code for Windows, Linux and Mac. You can mow remote between Windows and Linux!! How this develops is going to be interesting as it is a potentially breaking event for PowerShell or it could be the greatest thing ever only time will tell.


2016 was an interesting year and a fitting 10th anniversary for one of the best things to come out of Microsoft

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