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ISE or VS code?

Posted by: | April 30, 2017 Comments Off on ISE or VS code? |

When PowerShell v2 shipped with the ISE it was seen as a great step forward. We now had a decent editor for creating PowerShell code and running that code. You could also invoke the debugger. Some extensions to ISE have occurred, most notably  Show-Command, but its essentially the same editor as in PowerShell v2 Visual […]

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IT Professional?

Posted by: | April 30, 2017 Comments Off on IT Professional? |

Way back when we were known as Administrators. Then the term IT Professional (often irritatingly shortened to IT Pro) appeared. We’re doing the same job but have a fancy new title. Are System Administrators really professionals in the true sense of the word. I would argue no. – We don’t have universally recognised certification/qualification requirement […]

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DevOps ebook

Posted by: | April 29, 2017 Comments Off on DevOps ebook |

DevOps is the latest “big thing” in IT. Whether it will make a difference or be dropped as everyone rushes to embrace the next “big thing” only time will tell.   For now, there’s a free ebook from the DevOps Collective (the people who bring you the PowerShell Summit) that looks at DevOps from the […]

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DSC Configuring Sharing

Posted by: | April 29, 2017 Comments Off on DSC Configuring Sharing |

A new set of repositories on Github document a process for sharing end-to-end scenario based DSC configurations   https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/powershell/2017/04/28/dsc-configuration-sharing/   These are open to community involvement

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Mass dismount VHDs

Posted by: | April 28, 2017 Comments Off on Mass dismount VHDs |

I’m going to be creating, using and discarding a number of VHDs for my diskpart and PowerShell series. When I have a number of them mounted I want a quick way to dismount them. Assuming I consistently keep them in the same folder then this very nicely does the job Get-ChildItem -Path C:\test\ -Filter *.vhdx […]

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Diskpart and PowerShell–part 3: Initialize disk and create volume

Posted by: | April 28, 2017 Comments Off on Diskpart and PowerShell–part 3: Initialize disk and create volume |

Last time we created a virtual disk and mounted it. In this post we’ll initialize the disk and create a volume. Start by remounting the disk Get-VHD -Path C:\test\Test1.vhdx | Mount-VHD   You can now initialize the disk: Initialize-Disk -Number 1   Create a partition: New-Partition -DiskNumber 1 -DriveLetter F –UseMaximumSize   Ignore the message […]

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Diskpart and PowerShell–part 2: Create a virtual disk

Posted by: | April 27, 2017 Comments Off on Diskpart and PowerShell–part 2: Create a virtual disk |

Before we start digging into the diskpart/Storage module functionality we need a disk to practice on. I don’t recommend using your machine’s system disk – bad things will happen. The Hyper-V module has  a New-VHD cmdlet so lets use that to create a disk to play with. The great thing about virtual disks is that […]

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DiskPart and PowerShell–part 1

Posted by: | April 26, 2017 Comments Off on DiskPart and PowerShell–part 1 |

An attendee at the Summit made the statement that the DiskPart utility didn’t have any equivalent in PowerShell. That’s not strictly true as the storage module provides a lot of functionality that maps to diskpart functionality. The module contents include: PS> Get-Command -Module Storage | select name Name —- Disable-PhysicalDiskIndication Disable-StorageDiagnosticLog Enable-PhysicalDiskIndication Enable-StorageDiagnosticLog Flush-Volume Get-DiskSNV […]

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PowerShell Summit 2017 thoughts

Posted by: | April 17, 2017 Comments Off on PowerShell Summit 2017 thoughts |

2017 saw our largest Summit to date. 250 PowerShell fanatics (I use the word advisedly) descended on Bellevue Washington. The conversations had already started when I arrived at the hotel on the Friday night before the Summit! We had a planning meeting for Summit 2018 on the Saturday. Some good ideas came from the meeting […]

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Abandoned technologies

Posted by: | April 4, 2017 Comments Off on Abandoned technologies |

Why do some technologies become widely adopted and others are seemingly abandoned – often without any real testing. What do I mean by abandoned technologies?   Things like Server Core for instance. And I suspect that nano server and even containers on windows will follow and become abandoned technologies.   Server Core first appeared in […]

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